About Rascal Optics

Rascal Optics was created by two serious winter sports enthusiasts desperate for a brand to create affordable, high quality products for people who are always looking for the next adventure.

We are Steph and Jade, and between the two of us we’ve done more seasons than you could count on your fingers, so it's pretty safe to say that 9-5 isn’t really what gets us up in the morning! 

With all these seasons under our combined belt, we’ve worked our way through enough goggles and sunglasses to buy a house and despite testing almost everything out there, we have never really found what we thought was great value, incredible quality and style.

So rather than settle for the average we decided to team up and put our combined knowledge to good use, by designing products that we love and that our fellow skiers, snowboarders and adventurers need from their equipment.